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A metal credit card is a payment card typically constructed with a core made from metal, such as stainless steel or brass. These cards are distinguishable by their weight and tactile feel, as the metal gives them a solid and substantial quality.

Metal credit cards are often associated with premium or high-end credit card offerings from financial institutions. However, recently, companies like Metal Card Studio Inc. are now helping customers convert their plastic cards into metal cards.

Metal credit cards are designed to convey a sense of exclusivity and prestige to cardholders. The metal construction not only enhances the card’s durability but also adds an element of luxury and sophistication.

We extract your card’s EMV chip and magnetic stripe data from your card and transfer them to your new metal card. Afterwards, we’ll engrave your chosen design onto the front and back of the card. We then ship both cards back to you via free Xpresspost shipping.

We have strict policies in place to ensure that your card information is kept secure at all times, and will never be misused.

Upgrading your plastic credit card to a metal one primarily emphasizes the luxury aspect, and there are compelling reasons to consider this change:

  1. Prestige and Elegance: A metal credit card exudes an aura of prestige and elegance. Its weight and texture convey a sense of opulence and distinction that can make you feel like a member of an exclusive club.

  2. Status Symbol: Possessing a metal credit card can be a status symbol, signifying to others that you appreciate the finer things in life. It can leave a lasting impression and may even open doors to unique experiences and privileges.

  3. Unique Design: Metal credit cards often feature unique and intricate designs that showcase attention to detail. They can be conversation starters and pieces of art in your wallet, reflecting your personal style.

  4. Enhanced Durability: Metals are more durable than plastic, so your card is less likely to wear out or get damaged. This longevity ensures that your luxury card maintains its allure over time.

  5. Appreciation of Craftsmanship: Owning a metal credit card can be an appreciation of craftsmanship and quality. The meticulous design and construction of these cards reflect a commitment to excellence.


Once we receive your card in the mail, we perform the transfer on the same day. We’ll then ship it back to you via free Xpresspost shipping which typically takes 2 – 3 days.

We offer faster shipping options at an additional cost.

We’re currently taking appointments only. Send us a message if you’re interested!

Other FAQs

Metal Card Studio Inc. is a registered Canadian corporation. We have strict policies in place to ensure that none of your card information is stored or misused.

Once the procedure is complete, we’ll mail your old card and your new card back to you.

Learn more about how we keep your card safe.

Our cards are made of solid metal, which cannot tap.

Plastic credit cards have antennas built into the cards that enable them to support contactless payment. These antennas cannot be carried over to solid metal cards.

It’s a small sacrifice in exchange for a premium, heavy metal credit card.

While tap won’t work with your new card, you can still connect your card to Google Pay or Apply Pay for the contactless payment functionality.

Please visit our return policy page to learn more.

We understand that credit cards expire! We offer a discount for credit cards that expire within 2 years of your order date. We’re happy to engrave a completely new card for you for just $89 CAD + tax.

We can either reuse the design of your expired metal credit card, or you can select one of our pre-made designs.

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