About metal Card Studio

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Metal Card Studio Inc. is a Canadian laser engraving studio that specializes in converting plastic cards into luxurious, custom metal credit cards, metal debit cards, and metal rewards cards.

We offer several pre-made designs to help you customize your cards and make an impression among your peers.

Our Story

Getting access to a metal credit card can be difficult. When applying for one at a bank or another financial institution, they often require a high income, a high credit score, and a significant annual fee of $499 or more.

We started Metal Card Studio to give our customers easier access to a metal credit card by converting their ordinary plastic credit card into a premium metal card using our cutting-edge laser engraving and chip transfer technology.

Choose from one of our unique premade designs or work with us to create a completely custom card you’ll love.

Explore our line of premium metal products:

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